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McArdle Sport-Tec - Design & Construction of artificial turf pitches & tracks

Artificial Turf Pitches

McArdle Sport-Tec offer a choice of artificial turf pitches and synthetic sports surfaces to meet all sporting and budgetary requirements. Whether you require a full size FIFA or FIH approved all weather pitch, or a smaller Multi-Use Games Area, McArdle Sport Tec can help.

There are a large number of artificial turf pitches, most of which look quite similar, but may be made of different materials, manufactured by different techniques and designed for use in different ways.

It is therefore essential to establish whether you have a priority sport requirement for your artificial turf pitch, such as Football, Hockey, Rugby or, whether your sports surface is to be a totally multi-use surface or a multi-use surface with bias to one sport.

There are four main types of artificial turf pitches: