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McArdle Sport-Tec - Design & Construction of artificial turf pitches & tracks

Third Generation ‘3G’ Pitches

Holmes ChapelbThird Generation pitches, commonly known as ‘3G’ Systems are commonly up to 60mm long with fibrillating yarn for basic Football facilities and profiled monofilament yarns for use at the highest levels. These sport surfaces are FIFA approved to meet different standards.

FIFA 1 Star is mainly for recreational, community and municipal use; however, it still has to go through a series of stringent tests before the highly respected FIFA certificate is issued.

FIFA 2 Star for artificial turf is designed specifically to mirror the playing characteristics of professional football. FIFA final round competitions and top UEFA competitions have the FIFA Recommended 2 Star in their respective competition regulations.

The surface is in-filled with a mix of SBR rubber and fine graded silica sand to provide some shock absorption. Some synthetic turf systems, e.g. long pile systems, are designed to take a normal soccer or rugby stud. Particular attention should be given to bladed studs, it has been suggested that these types of studs can increase wear on the surface.

With an increased pile height and approved shockpad, the surface will meet RFU & IRB regulations allowing users to play full contact rugby on the surface.

The performance properties of a monofilament 3G Football system are closer to natural grass than previous synthetic turf pitches.

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