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McArdle Sport-Tec - Design & Construction of artificial turf pitches & tracks

Hockey Synthetic Turf Pitches

Global Water Based Pitches, FIH Sand based National Pitches and Hybrid Third Generation Pitches

FIH Global Water Based Pitches

McArdle Sport-Tec has a strong partnership with TigerTurf & McArdle Sport-Tec brings together the world’s pioneering synthetic sports surface brand with the UK’s leading sports construction company to create an unbeatable team.

All our Water-Based systems are polyethylene tufted to maintain wet conditions for longer, requiring less water. Tiger Turf is the preferred surface for many premier hockey clubs and universities throughout the UK.

FIH National Pitches

McArdle Sport-Tec and Tiger Turf offer Sand based synthetic surface systems to meet all requirements.

Superior Sand dressed systems generally have a pile height between 18 – 20mm and are partially in-filled with silica sand, making them clean to play on. These sports surfaces are available with either polypropylene or polyethylene yarns, with the polyethylene yarn being harder wearing and less abrasive.

Standard Sand filled synthetic systems generally have a pile height of 24mm and are in-filled with silica sand, playing on the sand rather than the yarn. These are also available with either polypropylene or polyethylene yarns.

Water based pitches:

Sand based pitches:

Hybrid Third Generation Pitches

The FIH and England Hockey have recently approved some third generation rubber crumb synthetic surfaces suitable for hockey. There are a few surfaces available and each installation is required to be tested before any competitive hockey is able to be played on them.

All synthetic hockey surfaces are installed on an engineered macadam base with a separate shock pad.

….it was a super project and your company was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Everyone who worked on site was very personable and helpful. The project was completed on time and on budget and the enlarged facility with two adjacent pitches creates a splendid venue of which we are very proud

David Chambers – Bursar, Blundell’s School